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Many of the products and magazine covers I've helped make over the last 30 years - click to zoom This site hosts pages written by Simon N Goodwin - enthusiast, iconoclast, vegetarian, inventor, left-handed guitarist and father of Ingo, veteran of Crash, Silicon Studio Limited, Personal Computer World, Amiga Format, Linux Format, ATD, DTS, Roadwatch, Creative CodeWorks, Spectral Systems and a plenitude of home computing and electronics magazines, software publishers and radio stations, longtime Principal Programmer in the Central Technology department at Codemasters Software Company and currently a technology consultant based in Warwick, UK.

The site is mainly about things I do, rather than who I am, as is my 'linked in' profile. If you'd like to access the hinterland and your browser supports ECMAscript you may email me:

Trophy Cabinet The adjoining picture shows many of the software products and magazine covers that feature my work since the 1980s.

Interview with Ben Firshman of the Warwick Boar newspaper about my work at Codemasters

Audio research papers in PDF format:

Technical analysis of how players listen to games

Recent innovations and authentic 3D sound via HDMI, 7.1 and beyond

Those papers were published by the Audio Engineering Society in 2009 at the inaugural Audio For Games conference which I helped to organise following a conversation with Mike Kelly at GDC a couple of years before. Another contributor then and now is Dr. Damian Murphy of the University of York; some fruits of our 3D audio research collaboration are on the OpenAir soundfield website created by Dr. Simon Shelley, and in this paper published at the Swedish SMAC conference in summer 2013: 3D auralisation of vehicle sounds

My Central Technology work at Codies 2003..2015
My first patent, and how it nearly got me sent to jail!
The magazine articles time did not (quite) forget, 1979..2002
Tales of software I wrote for retail 1979..2003
Stories about writing the early British home computing magazines [updated September 2014]
Qdos Qompendium - a dump of some of my Sinclair QL projects
My first hit game (vintage 1983)
SAM Supplement magazine 1990 to 1997 online
Four-track music demos I recorded in the 1980s
Over a hundred emulators that run on Amiga systems (1996..1998)
Reviews of emulators that run on Linux systems (2001..2002) [updated September 2014]
An almost complete index of the 500+ articles that I sold to 30 UK hobby computing and electronic magazines between 1979 and 2002.
[NEW/OLD!] My copious collection of incompatible computers

Personal pages

Leamington Peace Festival - what it is and why it's great. 2015 was my seventh year helping to organise the local free festival, a fine band of pragmatic idealists. Follow this link to find out more.

2009 - Building a traditional Shrewsbury Coracle at Ironbridge

2007 - Fozz Nozzlerz - prize-winning constructors in the Leamington to Warwick Raft Race

2005 - The ups and downs of hobby hovercrafting

2000 - Across Warwickshire by balloon

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